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Harmony Unveiled Group Sessions: Oct 10, 11, 12


We are pleased to announce that Senior BreakThrough Instructor and BodyTalk Practitioner Terryann Nikides is offering a special trilogy of online group BodyTalk sessions to address symmetry, pain, belief systems, and the nervous system on October 10, 11, and 12. While seemingly diverse topics, together they form an exploration of the human experience, intertwining the beauty of aesthetics, the healing of emotional and physical pain, and the transformative power of awareness when it comes to polarized beliefs.

· Our first session in the series is called The Beauty of Symmetry. Symmetry is a concept that permeates life, from natural formations to the human body. When we don't have it, we can feel it.

· Our second session, From Hurt to Healing, focuses on emotional and physical pain. Both are precipitated by experiences of hurt and trauma. Emotional pain can manifest as stress, anxiety, or unresolved trauma, affecting any aspect of our well-being.

· Our third session, Beliefs and the Nervous System, addresses pathological beliefs that are intricately enmeshed in our sense of ill- or well-being. The nervous system plays a vital role in transmitting signals throughout our body, regulating various functions and responses.

Terryann has written a beautiful and in-depth description of what each of these sessions aims to address. We encourage you to read the insightful complete series description here:

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